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Outsourcing: “It is an Art”
European Supply Chain Management Issue 01/09 Feb. 2009

Sigi Osagie highlights how the modern manufacturing world just can’t get away from outsource partners.

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“Lean Everywhere”
Engineering & Technology Vol. 4 Issue 4, 28 Feb. 2009

It is hard to talk to manufacturers without getting embroiled in a discussion on Lean techniques. As Sigi Osagie explains, Lean is not a panacea, but one of a suite of tools that companies can use to improve performance.

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Review – “The Accountable Leader”
Supply Management 18 Sept. 2008

Sigi Osagie reviews Brian Dive’s book on leadership for Supply Management magazine.

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“What Do We Think of What Bosses Think of Procurement?”
Feb. 2008

In a letter to Supply Management magazine, Sigi Osagie argues that executives’ poor perception of the Procurement function is an issue the profession should tackle head-on.

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“Evolution of Manufacturing”
Engineering & Technology Vol. 3 Issue 15, Sept. 2008

Manufacturers in a global market have major opportunities to develop non-core skills. But are they up to the challenge, asks Sigi Osagie.

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“Out of Africa”
Supply Chain Standard Oct. 2008

The growth of manufacturing in China is pushing up prices so pressure is building to look at other regions. Sigi Osagie looks at the potential for Africa to become the next low-cost manufacturing region.

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"Bad Times for Business, Good Time for Change"
March 2009

In a proposed feature for Supply Management magazine, Sigi Osagie suggests that the current economic downturn is a good time for companies to review and improve their operational capabilities and infrastructure.

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“Manufacturing Evolution”
Engineering Nov/Dec. 2008

Outsourcing manufacture can have its benefits for OEMs, says Sigi Osagie, but an effective supply chain is needed to make it work.

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“The Challenge of Global Sourcing”
Logistics Europe May 2006

As the trend to globalisation shows no signs of weakening, global sourcing is throwing up many challenges for supply chain operations and the wider business. Sigi Osagie explores these challenges with other panellists at Logistics Europe’s round-table discussion.

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“What Next for Africa”
Supply Management 28 Feb. 2008

Africa is under-used as an offshoring destination, says Sigi Osagie. But does it have the potential to become the next major outsourcing hub?

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