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"Sigi provided a very thorough and critical review of the Supply Chain capability. Focus was properly on the people and leadership issues of the team and he made clear assessments and recommendations. He put discipline into the team and processes and was very successful. Sigi's work has been very effective and set Supply Chain on a new course. He is a dynamic and personable leader who will make a difference to any organisation."
Simon Beswick – Managing Director, Tritech International Ltd.

"Sigi has been leading our procurement and supply management activities through a period of significant change, following GIP's acquisition of Gatwick from BAA. He has been instrumental in aligning our Procurement function to Gatwick's new priorities, and instigated a number of developments to improve our supply base and procurement capability. Sigi is very professional in his approach and brings clarity, direction and focus to organisational development issues and supply management challenges. He has excellent business awareness and leadership abilities, and is able to articulate ideas effectively and secure stakeholder alignment."
Scott Stanley – COO, Gatwick Airport Ltd.

“Sigi is a well-rounded supply chain and procurement professional with strong leadership and change management skills. He reported to me at Marconi and delivered several significant results, including creating our global logistics and freight purchasing infrastructure. He has very good awareness of strategic business issues and really understands supply chain challenges. And he is able to manage across cultural, geographical and functional boundaries, and maintain effective stakeholder relationships. A solid supply chain leader.”
Ray Packe – VP Procurement, Marconi plc.

“We have had business advice from Sigi in the past, and now, through EPG Solutions, he is supporting us with a number of critical business initiatives – the acquisition and integration of a new business; operational performance and cost improvements; and a leadership development programme for our senior managers in the business. The quality of service we receive is unquestionable, and we find Sigi to be very professional and easy to work with – he provides fresh and insightful contribution to the development of our business and we value this greatly.”
Peter Codner – Managing Director, Willow Group, Middlesex

"Dear Sigi, Well done to you and thank you for all you have done for us. You really have pushed a stone uphill! Please visit us when you are ever up our way. Best regards"
JMcC – Finance Director, Subsea products manufacturer*

“Sigi has an incredible ability in building a team and focusing it on targets. He shows leadership experience in managing complex projects, deep understanding of supply chain strategies and dynamics. He can drive major changes in a company. Last but not least, laudable human behaviours and appropriate approach with people.”
Antonio Palumbo – Supply Chain Manager, Ericsson AB, Italy

"A thorough and systematic approach was taken to get down to the lowest level of activity and determine its value and appropriateness. Very detailed, very thorough and exceptionally well-documented… Comprehensive, tireless, patient and informative induction of new Supply Chain board director – provided a real fast-forward support. EPG Solutions has delivered an exceptional piece of work which will have impacts on the company performance for years to come. The approach was systematic, clear, concise and, above all, contains the practical solution that companies need to move forward. Overall, an excellent piece of work in a very short space of time."
David Bradley – Supply Chain Director, Tritech International Ltd.

"Sigi coached our team to improve our effectiveness and functional competence. In particular he helped me make a successful transition to my new role in the team, and to sharpen my own professional capabilities. I have continued to use some of the things I learnt from him in my own career many years later. I would be happy to recommend Sigi as a brilliant coach and mentor."
Ben Wilmot – Programme Manager, Ericsson UK

“Sigi has been instrumental in ensuring the rapid and successful enhancement of my professional skills, and in facilitating my overall development through his coaching and mentoring support. This enabled me to progress successfully from my position as a member of a team to manager of a team and beyond. Through Sigi's encouragement to appraise many aspects of my career previously overlooked, I have continued to develop beyond the support he initially gave me, but I find it always worthwhile to catch up and see that I am still moving in the right direction.”
AF – Supply Chain Project Manager, Public Sector, London*

"Sigi has been a fantastic coach and mentor to me for quite a significant period, helping me boost my personal effectiveness and develop my career with great success. He has been particularly brilliant at helping me develop and sharpen up my leadership capabilities, and he has also given me specific support on a number of occasions to help me navigate tricky challenges in my personal and work life, including helping me prepare for and sail through a couple of job promotions. A truly great coach and mentor."
HC – Regional Manager, Financial Services, Hertfordshire*

“Hi Sigi, I would like to thank you for your help and support with my career and personal development over the last few months. You have managed to change my way of thinking which I consider life-changing. Kind Regards.”
TC – Materials Manager, Rail Industry, London*

"l did not know what to expect from my very first session with Sigi, but having him as a coach was the important push l needed to 'think outside the box' and erase the boundaries l thought l had. He has in no small measure challenged me to understand what my priorities are and how it affects my goals/plans. If you want to see life as a 'half full glass' and not 'half empty' no matter the circumstances, then l would gladly recommend Sigi as a coach and mentor. Thank you Sigi."
MJM – Buyer, Liberata (Transform Sandwell Project)*

"Sigi demonstrated a broad understanding of all supply chain related processes, with strong emphasis on performance measurement and devolved accountability. The coaching provided in terms of personal effectiveness was most useful and prompted changes in my attitude and approach to work, and to my relationships with my colleagues."
Phil Musker – Supply Chain Manager, Tritech International Ltd.

"Everyone should have a Sigi in their cupboard!"
SF – Founder & Owner, Yoga school venture, Oxfordshire*

*Contact details available on request.

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