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Who We Are

EPG Solutions helps clients improve their effectiveness, performance and growth.

We work with businesses and individuals to develop and deliver solutions tailored to their specific requirements, and drive improvements to their capabilities and performance. We focus on;

Strategic supply chain developments
Operational purchasing and supply chain performance improvements
Process development and improvements
Management effectiveness and productivity enhancements
Personal effectiveness, performance improvement and capability enhancement for individuals.

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Uniquely, we combine our support to businesses with coaching their employees because we know from experience that ‘people’ are always the key factor. So we ensure our knowledge and experience is transferred to our clients’ personnel so they can sustain the results and performance levels achieved.

Our personnel have delivered significant results to support the profitability and strategic development of several businesses, and developed numerous individuals to improve their performance.

EPG Solutions was established by Sigi Osagie, a supply chain executive with extensive leadership experience across most supply chain functions in several industries. See Sigi’s profile and the comments from others to understand the value he brings to clients.

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